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Case study of Top Ten Group

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Top Ten Group, a leading retail e-commerce business was facing challenges such as slow Point of Sale (POS), lack of integration, repetitive tasks, and account data mismatch. Then we provided a comprehensive ERP solution including POS, accounting, inventory, and more, resulting in seamless operations.

As a result, Top Ten Group now boasts 30+ branches nationwide, efficiently monitored and controlled operations, and a significant increase in daily sales volume, exceeding 30,000 transactions. Client feedback underscores their satisfaction with our transformative services.

Challenges that Top Ten Group faced

  • Slow point of sale (POS): Top Ten Group struggled with sluggish POS systems, leading to customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiencies.
  • Lack of integration: Siloed processes and disconnected systems resulted in data discrepancies and inefficiencies across various departments.
  • Repeated tasks: Repetitive manual tasks consume valuable time and resources, hampering productivity.
  • Accounts data mismatch: Inaccurate accounts data and reconciliation issues caused financial discrepancies and compliance concerns.
  • Reporting challenges: Reporting difficulties hindered data analysis and decision-making processes, affecting the ability to track and improve performance across the organization.

Why did they choose us?

Top Ten Group's decision to partner with us was driven by a multitude of compelling factors.

  • User-friendly software provider: We offered an intuitive and user-friendly ERP solution that catered to their specific needs.
  • Commitment to deliver on time: We guaranteed timely implementation, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.
  • Cost-efficiency: Our solutions were cost-effective, offering a high return on investment.
  • Long-term after-sales support: We provided ongoing support to address any issues and ensure a smooth transition.

Solutions that we provide

We implemented a comprehensive suite of solutions to address Top Ten Group's challenges:

  • Secured ERP software: Our integrated ERP solution included POS, Accounting Module, Inventory, and Warehouse Module to streamline operations.
  • Process alignment: We aligned various departments, including HR, Purchase, Tailoring, E-commerce, and Mobile App, to work seamlessly together.

A successful integration story

The results of our collaboration were remarkable.

  • 30+ branches nationwide: All 30+ branches across the country now use a unified, integrated software platform.
  • Efficient operations: Operations are now efficiently monitored and controlled, reducing manual efforts and human errors.
  • Increased sales volume: The integration of systems and improved efficiency led to a significant increase in daily sales volume, exceeding 30,000+ sales per day.

Key statistics and success metrics

The numbers tell a compelling story of our collaboration with Top Ten Group. Our partnership with Top Ten Group has yielded exceptional results. These key statistics and success metrics exemplify our dedication to driving positive change and delivering exceptional value.

  • 500% product growth
  • 300% efficiency boost
  • 5% project cost reduction

Client feedback

Top Ten Group expressed their satisfaction with our services:

"Our experience with Ogroni Informatix Limited has been outstanding. Their user-friendly software and commitment to timely delivery have revolutionized our operations. The long-term support they provide is truly exceptional."


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