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Requisition SCM Software in Bangladesh

Requisition SCM Software in Bangladesh

Requisition SCM software, also known as Requisition Supply Chain Management software, is a type of software designed to streamline and optimize the process of requisitioning goods and services within a supply chain.

Ogroni Informatix Limited is the leading ERP software solution provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide requisition software that will help the business to run smoothly as well as save money and time. We use cutting-edge technology in our software to increase accuracy, visibility, and compliance.

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Features of Requisition SCM Software

Requisition SCM software plays a crucial role in optimizing the requisition process, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring that supply chain operations run smoothly. Some key features of requisition software are given below:

Request Management: Allowing users to create, submit, and track requisitions for items needed in the supply chain, whether raw materials, components, or services.

Approval Workflow: Implementing workflows for requisition approval, ensuring that requests are routed to the appropriate individuals or departments for review and authorization.

Inventory Management: Checks stock levels and availability before approving requisitions, ensuring that items can be delivered on time.

Supplier Management: Managing supplier relationships, including vendor information, pricing, and performance metrics to facilitate efficient procurement processes.

Reporting: Providing reporting capabilities to track requisition trends, and identify areas for improvement within the supply chain.

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Functions of requisition SCM software

Functions of our Requisition SCM Software

The services you will find from the Requisition SCM software are-

  • Admin Control Panel
  • Create User Id
  • Product Information
  • Manage Product
  • Order Management
  • Stock information
  • Store information
  • Demand wise requisition

Why choose Ogroni Informatix Limited?

When you select Ogroni Informatix Limited, you're not just opting for a software development company; you're choosing a dedicated partner committed to your success. Our focus extends beyond software solutions to expert guidance and unwavering support tailored to your business needs.

With innovative technologies, insightful advice, and reliable assistance, we stand ready to empower your business and drive its growth. Some of the reasons that make us unique-

  • Advanced technology
  • Local presence
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Continuous support
  • Proven track record
  • Seamless integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Innovation and adaptability
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We offer a comprehensive suite of SCM (Supply Chain Management) software services designed to transform your business operations.

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