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HR management solution in bangladesh

Human Resources and Payroll Management Software in Bangladesh

For the best workforce planning and management with the least amount of time and resources required, Ogroni Informatix Limited is the best HR software development company in Bangladesh and offers an intelligent human resources and payroll management system. It helps in managing employee or worker attendance and salary.

Effective payroll and human resource management software is essential for any organization's success in today's fast-paced business environment. Our HR and payroll software is used by more than 127 companies in the country and abroad. To get a price list please contact us now or call +88-01842-647664 today.

HR & Payroll Software system we provide

We worked with highly skilled HR executives who are at the top of the field to design our HR & payroll management software in Bangladesh.

Employees - HR & payroll software system

Workforce management software succeeds admirably when it comes to encouraging a closely-knit staff network.

Recruitment - HR & payroll software system

It takes recruitment to the next level, ensuring you attract, hire, and onboard top talent with ease.

Time Off - HR & payroll software system
Time Off

Make time off: With our practical and adaptable features, management is your go-to choice for tracking holidays.

Appraisals - HR & payroll software system

It is a variety of technology solutions that work to streamline & increase a manager's performance review processes for employees.

Referrals - HR & payroll software system

It is used to run employee referral programs. It encourages staff members to endorse themselves to their networks.

Fleet - HR & payroll software system

Our fleet management software allows you to manage dispatchers to track all vehicles from a central location.

Features of payroll software

Key features of our Human Resources & Payroll Software

Our human resources and payroll software offers a wide range of features designed to streamline HR and payroll management processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance.

  • Employee management and portal
  • Timesheet, attendance, leave management
  • Employee appraisals and analytics
  • Salary sheet, salary category, and structure
  • Provident fund, gratuity, earned leaves, etc.
  • Attendance machine integration
  • HR-related document management
  • Employee resignation and final settlement

Why choose Ogroni Informatix Limited?

Ogroni Informatix Limited is one of the best HR & payroll software development companies in Bangladesh, which makes HR procedures easier for managers as well as employees.

Customizable HR software

Our HR & payroll software offers a variety of highly flexible choices. We can certainly maximize customization within the system with its assistance.

Secure HR software
Secure & easy to use

Our software is designed to be user-friendly & hassle-free for both you & your executives. We use a multi-level approval system & complete security.

HR software support
Support and training

We are by your side at every turn. For you and your staff to get the most out of your bespoke solutions, our team offers thorough support and training.

Cost-effective HR software
Cost-effective solutions

We ensure that our solutions add value for companies of all sizes while providing feature-rich HR and payroll software that is still affordable.


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