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Case study of Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd.

In the dynamic tech landscape, Ogroni Informatix Limited, a prominent software development firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence. Our successful collaboration with Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd., a significant national corporation, showcases how the synergy between an innovative software development company and a major organization can drive expansion and triumph.

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Challenges that Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd. faced

Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd. encountered a multifaceted set of operational challenges as they sought to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

  • Lack of HR information: Managing HR data efficiently was a major concern, impacting internal information and workflow.
  • Slow attendance data process: Time-consuming attendance tracking hindered operational efficiency.
  • Delayed salary disbursement: Delayed salary disbursement led to employee dissatisfaction.
  • Lack of proper accounting reports: Incomplete and inadequate accounting reports hindered financial management.
  • Wrong calculation in profit/loss: Incorrect profit/loss calculations were a recurring problem.
  • Inventory issues: Inefficient inventory management affected product supply and distribution.

Why did they choose us?

Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd. chose our services based on a diverse range of compelling and substantial factors that assured them of our capability and dedication.

  • Streamlined workflow optimization: We promised to streamline their workflow, eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Customized ERP solutions: Our customized ERP solutions were designed to meet their specific needs.
  • Cutting-edge technology integration: We integrated cutting-edge technology to optimize their operations.
  • Proven track record: Our successful track record in delivering ERP solutions instilled trust.
  • Customer-centric approach: Our customer-centric approach ensured their needs were at the forefront.

The service & solutions that we provide

We implemented a comprehensive suite of solutions to address their challenges:

  • Financial management: Improved financial control and reporting
  • Primary sales: Enhanced sales tracking and management
  • Inventory & warehouse: Efficient inventory management for streamlined supply
  • Purchase: Streamlined procurement processes
  • Manufacturing: Improved manufacturing processes
  • Requisition: Streamlined requisition processes
  • HR and payroll: Efficient HR data management and payroll processing

Transformation at Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd.

The results of our collaboration were transformative:

  • Efficient HR management: Our HR solution secured internal data and improved workflow efficiency.
  • Unified solutions: Enhanced sales tracking and management

Key statistics and success metrics

In our partnership with Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd., we achieved a workforce of over 2000 employees, glowing client endorsements, and a significant boost in operational efficiency. These key statistics and metrics stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering measurable value and igniting a transformative impact for our clients.

  • 2000+ Workers
  • 750% product growth
  • 350% increase in efficiency
  • 10% project cost reduction

Client feedback

Ishwardi Matsuoka Bangladesh Ltd. is a satisfied client with a strong recommendation:

"Working with Ogroni Informatix Limited has been a transformative experience. Their service and solutions have revolutionized our operations, from HR management to financial control. We highly recommend their services."


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